Carpathian Genealogy Research was founded with the intention of undertaking in-depth genealogical research in Romania, the reconstruction of family history, descendants and ascendants alike, the pursuing of their life story, their origin, where they lived and where they died, as well as collecting all the documents necessary to prove the right of the heirs to inherit in court.
Our research often brings us in contact with lawyers, public notaries, municipal courts, parishes and archives, especially while collecting the necessary documents to prove the right of the heirs to the inheritance in court.
Carpathian Genealogy Research focuses on Romania, but cooperates with several international genealogical and probate companies all over the world in order to provide our clients with the best professional services. If you lost contact with relatives or members of your family who immigrated to another country, or would like to research your family tree, find where your roots are, Carpathian Genealogy Research can help you.
If we contacted you, it means that we have reliable and conclusive data, based on our genealogical research, that you have a legal right to an inheritance (property and / or a sum of money) you may have not known about. We believe this website will give you a more detailed perspective on our activity and purpose, hoping that the research we are undertaking will be a success.
Carpathian Genealogy Research

Family Research History

Carpathian Genealogy Research provides services of family history research and can help you trace your ancestors and find long-lost relatives.

We specialize in the search, reconstruction and documentation of biographical data, as well as finding lost family members and creating family trees. This enables us to undertake even the most complex tasks in family history research.

If you are looking for your ancestors and would like to know more about the history of your family, our research team will be happy to help you.

Probate Research

Locating unknown legal heirs

Through our associates and with the help of our partners we are able to locate missing or unknown legal heirs in Romania.

If you are a lawyer or a public notary, we are able to assist in your search through our network of partners from all around the world.

Obtaining Documents

Carpathian Genealogy Research can help you obtain historical records from all over the world. Also, if you would like to gain citizenship, we can find the historical documents you need and have them translated and certified.


Probate Research

Our fee in the heir search is, in principle, a percentage share of the inheritance mediated by us. We are guided by the 200-year-old practice of our profession and depending on the hereditary order we charge about 25 – 33,33 percent of the total value of the estate (the parameters for this are the degree of kinship and the possible need for assistance of our partner offices abroad).

Family History Research

Our hourly rate in this area is generally EUR 100, VAT not included (depends on the home country of the customer) and disbursement compensations ( travel expenses, various taxes etc.).

Obtaining Documents

Our hourly rate in this area is generally EUR 100, VAT not included (depends on the home country of the customer) and disbursement compensations ( copying charges etc.)